Monday, September 22, 2008

Early Literacy Conversation at Twin Tech II ?!

Some of you may know that Foundations for Families is participating in the Greater DC Board of Trade’s Small Business Academy. After class last Thursday, many of us crossed town to check out BOT instructor, Peter Corbett’s, Twin Tech II event. Washingtonian called it, “a wildly popular tech and social media networking happy hour”. It was very well attended – over 1000 friendly and creative (and young, the Washington Post online agrees!) people. I don’t often intersect with this hip tech scene, but I was impressed.

I especially enjoyed meeting Mike Subelsky. He told me about Other Inbox, his cure for email overload – you don’t even have to be hip to know what that’s like. He told a compelling story, used relevant examples and was really convincing. But when the conversation turned to his three month old, that is when Mike’s real passion emerged. Mike and I talked enthusiastically about his daughter, early learning, the importance of reading daily to babies and the bond that daily reading ensures. It was a highlight of my evening.

This was an event for a cutting edge crowd. Smart businesses across many industries support literacy initiatives because tomorrow’s most able and creative workforce depends on what we do in the home and early childhood centers today.

What are you and your family reading tonight?

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Mike Subelsky said...

hi Amy, I enjoyed meeting you as well! I took your advice and redoubled my Charlotte early literacy campaign! We were given a set of Baby Einstein books for age "newborn to 6 months" so that's what I've been working with. "Things that Float", "Neighborhood Animals", and "Babies" are the main books now.

Best of luck in your online forays!